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What does it cost to join the New England Insurance Trust (NEIT)?


What are the institution’s responsibilities?

A participating institution will need to agree to offer NEIT’s group mortgage life insurance program to eligible borrowers and collect premiums on behalf of the carrier from insured borrowers monthly.

What is the cost of coverage for my borrowers?

The cost of coverage is based on the age of the borrower at time of enrollment…the cost of coverage remains level throughout the term of the loan.

What will my financial institution gain by joining NEIT?

  • The ability to offer it’s borrowers a low cost, easy to qualify for, group mortgage life insurance program.
  • Reduced delinquency and foreclosure rates.
  • Both origination and administrative fees.

How are premiums paid?

Premiums are paid to the financial institution monthly along with the regularly scheduled mortgage payment. The financial institution remits collected premiums to the carrier monthly.

What is the name of the insurance carrier?

The NEIT has worked with Minnesota Life Insurance Company for over 40 years. Minnesota Life Insurance Company is rated A+ by AM Best.

How long do borrowers keep this coverage in force?

Our persistency is better than 95% after 5 years.

What percentage of applicant’s are approved for coverage?

Our approval rate is better than 90%.

Does the trust offer plans other than group mortgage life insurance?

Yes, the NEIT also has Accidental Death and Critical Period Life plans available to participating institutions and their borrowers.

How will my staff be trained?

The NEIT working with Minnesota Life Insurance Company has developed an Internet Training Module which is supplemented with in house training for both origination and servicing staffs.

How does my Financial Institution become a participant?

Contact Daniel Dubreuil, Regional Vice President at Allied Solutions at 1-800-234-3621 or email at

Daniel Dubreuil
Allied Solutions
Ph: 800-234-3621
175 Ammon Drive
Manchester, NH 03103 US
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